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New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning
Performance Development Programs & Consulting

Learning is the acquiring of skills and knowledge.
Practice is to do something repeatedly to improve performance.
Development is to cause change and progress.

The greatest need in today’s world is for economic development and improvement. Please allow us to help enhance your company’s success with the implementation of Performance Development Programs & Consulting as essential means to support the prosperity for your self-development, business, and community.

As head of New Moon Publishing & Consulting, since 1993, I am offering programs and consulting on Empowerment & Commitment and Holistic Thinking in the Workplace to enhance performance and economic improvements in self-development, business and in the community.

We would be pleased to facilitate the implementation of these performance development programs in your company, group, and community to support your continued progress for economic development and success. Please contact us for more information and rates of service. Thank you for your interest and for sharing this information and request.


Melanie Silos
Founder/Consultant, New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning

CONTACT FACILITATOR/CONSULTANT Melanie Silos for more information:
at Rockforlearning@yahoo.com

Publisher/Consultant, Melanie Silos PROFILE
As head of New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning, Melanie Silos, alumni of CSU Northridge, is a self-published author of books on self-development and spirituality and head of Rock for Learning since 2001. Melanie Silos has an extensive professional background. During college, Melanie worked with a fortune 500 company as a Corporate Training & Performance Development Specialist facilitating administrative and leadership programs and performance solutions for professionals and executives at a statewide level, and gained certifications in facilitating Skills for an Empowered Workforce/Service Plus [DDI], Criterion-Referenced/Performance-Based Instruction [Mager], Information Mapping, Performance Improvement Solutions, and more under the leadership and development of IPS EVP Howard B. Lewis, PhD. Later as a Liberal Arts alumni of Cal State University Northridge (CSUN), Melanie served as a Performance Development Consultant at a national level certifying other professionals and managers in the Learning Resource Team Program as the corporation expanded from the west to the east coast. Melanie Silos aims to continue the effort of supporting and working collaboratively with individuals and professionals to make a positive difference to cultivate better world through music, learning, and development.



New Moon Publishing & Consulting offers programs and consulting services that address matters important to performance of business, community, and/or self-development with a focus on achievement of performance improvement through clarifying self-awareness, values, direction, goals and performance objectives in business, identifying areas for development and improvement, and creating an action plan to implement solutions.


Help economic development and performance improvement of business and actualize self-empowerment, one's own will and ability for action, as an essential means to performance development and achievement, and create a commitment to follow-through with purposeful action while maintaining core values.


COMMITMENT & EMPOWERMENT: activating Top Strengths for Achievement

  • Relevance of Empowerment (at home at work and in the community)
  • Self-Awareness, Values, Direction
  • Goals & Performance Objectives


  • The Systematic Approach to Organizational Development
  • Holistic Performance Analysis of the Business (Work, Worker & Workplace)
  • Holistic Assessment & Performance Improvement Initiatives

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