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Rock for Learning - Inspiring learning and empowerment to cultivate a better world with great music and good causes.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, INCUBUS, and more...
Rock for Learning!
** Inspiring learning and empowerment to cultivate a better world with great music and good causes. **

A publication of New Moon Publishing & Consulting - California, USA.


JODAN on the Nature of Peace

JODAN - World Peace Recording Studio, NYI am Jodan, a musician and peace activist, founder of World Peace Studio and musical director of World Artists for Tibet. I would like to briefly express my views on the nature of peace, without a condescending, self-righteous or preachy attitude. This wisdom comes from my experience so far.

Peace, as with justice, is a way of life resulting from directly perceiving, discovering and embodying the true universal Source, with in and with out, a union of duality. While this mysterious Source seems to be extremely dynamic in its fathomless spectrum, there is a peaceful balance and beauty in Spirit and its manifestation. When these extreme forces of the universe harmonize and cooperate to manifest this experience we call life, the experience of love, admiration and respect for all things pervades one's being and relationships. This love inspires curiosity, communication, empowers the gifts within each being and supports the dreams of responsibility and integrity to one's life purpose.

For peace I propose Inner Disarmageddon, catalyzing the Collective Messiah. Forgive the religious overtones but what I refer to is more spiritual, the Inner Savior. Waiting for salvation externally perpetutes the causes of suffering, violence and conflict and shirks off personal responsibility in the causes of peace and justice. I feel both politics and religion are a way individuals relinquish their personal responsibility by giving it away to "authorities". I feel democracy invites hypocracy and the tyranny of the financial elite minority. We must transform the industries of suffering into industries and corporations of healing and equally distribute wealth. I am working on a credit/merit based spiritual economy which I will share when complete. I feel the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation encourages and supports the true causes of Peace and I pray it does not participate in the collective delusion. Honestly, I too, like world peace, am in need of support.

I have much to say and do in this regard and I pray that someday soon I will be able to meet with the Nobel Peace Prize Foundation and participate in the glorious manifestation of true World Peace. I would like to contribute much more and feel I am answering my calling by finally doing what is my responsibility and maturely contributing to the well being of all beings. I am currently working on a global model that reflects the functional and healthy human body, a bio-sociology if you will. I hope you recognize the sincerity of my intent to transfom the root causes of conflict and empower the causes of liberation from mental, physical and conceptual enslavement. May human law be one with universal law, love, freed from the bureauocracies of mind and control. I look forward to our new relationship in peace.

Of utmost sincerity,

John Daniel Gregory Alzamora Dickin aka Jodan
Founder of World Peace Recording Studio and
Musical Director of World Artists for Tibet
February 2004

Melanie Silos on Creating a Path for Peace

Where is the path to peace when amidst hostility, anger, and sorrow? hostility: the inner rage of offense, anger: the fire of conflict, and sorrow: the ache and heart's cry from the aftermath of rage and conflict. Do we find peace, or create peace? Well intended peace efforts draw the mention of realistic expectations. No matter how we try, we cannot take the black out of blackness, nor sorrow out of sadness. We cannot make traffic go by honking, nor stop the conscience of evil by bombing the physical. We cannot make a deaf person hear by yelling louder, nor a blind person see by making light brighter. What then can we do to make way for peace?

There are times we may seem to act deaf and blind in our own situations. So I implore you: When one needs my attention beyond my own seeming blindness, please reach out with your voice and open arms. When one needs my attention beyond my own seeming deafness, please reach out with your written words and actions. And when one needs the attention beyond my own seeming deaf & blindness, please use resources that are perceivable through smell, taste, touch, and feeling... Together, let us sit still and close our eyes and ears for just a moment. Take a deep breath and feel... and just keep breathing until peace finds its way into our heart.

I believe peace and love, once in the heart and soul, always exist in the heart and soul. So perhaps peace is to be found, or may find its way wherein it already exists in us on Earth. And perhaps the part that we can create is the way - the path for peace. As Sheila Chandra says "The ocean refuses no river..." Maybe we can help by opening the way for peace to flow where it by nature is most welcomed and sought. If your heart is an ocean of peace, peace will naturally flow to you.

Still breathing for peace. Peace be with you.

Melanie Silos
Editor/Exec. Director - Rock for Learning
New Moon Publishing & Consulting

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Reach out in every way. If we could just join hands!

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