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END ROULETTE: Spinning for Creative Freedom

Written by Melanie Silos

End Roulette. Photo by Terri Villalobos.END ROULETTE at a special KROQ event brought the energy of Green Day and Blink 182 with the expressive vocal angst of lead singer/guitarist Mary Jane Snow, whose style and sleekness reminds me of Berlin's Terri Nunn, together with the powerful drum beats, rhythms, and guitar leads of new drummer Sean Friday, lead guitarist Chris Null, and bassist Rocko. Rocko rocks the house with his own style and striking blond mohawk, and also accredits that some of the excellent bass lines he plays were well written by End Roulette's original/former bassist, Joshua Wayne. Through creative freedom End Roulette has made their way to the music category of The Veronicas and Paramore with an intensity that did not disappoint.

End Roulette. Photo by Terri Villalobos.End Roulette shares the important matter of supporting creative freedom and recognizes the challenge in a world that attempts to suppress it. Lead vocalist/songwriter Mary Jane Snow shares: "I want to encourage artistic girls to follow their dreams and be inspired. Be creative; be individual; be yourself." She acknowledges that girls are challenged in a male dominated world (especially in rock music) and that having confidence is more important than image, she says: "Let go of the image, confidence is the most important thing." With the concern that people get distracted away from their self-expressive dreams to less passionate pursuits, Mary Jane shares, "Many girls lose their creative ambition and lose self-expression, some get forced into administrative roles instead." She affirms,"Follow your dreams as artists, poets, and musicians... All my friends that have helped me, like my hair stylist and make-up artist, they are all girls that are artists, girls who have followed their dreams to become artists." Be it fashion design, make-up, music, writing, or any other creative talent, it's important to have creative freedom to be self-expressed. Mary Jane started music at a young age, and also graduated Northwestern University on her way to following her dream to be a musician. She encourages everyone to complete school and higher education.

Creative freedom requires an attentive effort. The boys in the band share their concern for kids in school, boys and girls, being creatively suppressed and oppressed. Drummer Sean says, "I don't like the psychiatric world drugging and controlling everyone." acknowledging its suppression of people's intellectual freedoms. Guitarist Chris affirms the problem is especially with "Kids in school and drugs like Ritalin for A.D.D. (Attention Defecit Disorder). They're kids, so to have them be quiet and behave like sheep, I think it's crazy." And rather encourages all to "Play music!"

Bassist Rocko shares another important perspective of creative freedom regarding kids and exercises his right of freedom of self-expression regardless of any disagreement by declaring, "I'm Pro-Life. Non-abortion." Creatively, that would be the right to choose to pro-create life, the ultimate creative act of self-expression.

The important matter is to actively protect against the suppression and oppression of creativity. With End Roulette creativity is not by chance, spinning for creativity is an active choice and pursuit of freedom of self-expression. Thank you End Roulette. I believe where this spin ends is a winner!

For End Roulette official website and tour information, click here.

END ROULETTE with Rock for Learning, Editor Melanie Silos

End Roulette Mary Jane Snow. Photo by Terri Villalobos.

August 25, 2009
© 2009 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
Photographs by Terri Villalobos.

Copyright 2009 New Moon Publishing & Consulting All rights reserved.

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