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THE GOLDEN RATIO: Creation from the Heart of Music

gratiolounge.com - THE GOLDEN RATIO (photo by permission) Written by Melanie Silos

It's an evening at the Passage of the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, CA and the beginning of learning the deep and meaningful concept of The Golden Ratio.

Unique and original in sound and style, The Golden Ratio play from the heart and move one's soul into feeling the sensations of what matters most. They bring eclectic rock into its finest form, the way Michaelangelo creates Venus de Milo and David; The Golden Ratio put an element of history into original creation. Guitarist Mike Hayungs brings a fresh style with classical appeal with hints of influence from Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. He describes, "I build off what they were trying to do, break ground and be original as possible." Mike affirms the value of learning from history as it creates a strong foundation from which to grow.

With a beautiful soothing voice, vocalist Talia Mayes makes The Golden Ratio shine in their own unique brilliance with passion and lyrical depth that reflects in her style, performance and dance. On what matters most Talia declares, "The world, brining the world to awareness and being present in the moment." She adds, "When you experience something in life, see it for what it is and not to allow an illusion to lead you. Let your heart lead you - nothing else matters."

Get the new CD from The Golden Ratio "Cesium Parlor" available at Amoeba Records. And visit the official website of The Golden Ratio for music and tourdates at www.GRatioLounge.com

LEARN MUSIC: Visit the Musician's Institute www.mi.edu
CONTACT MI: admissions@mi.edu (800)255-7529


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