Hope & Affirmations Through the Eyes of Love

In the pursuit of understanding, we may find ourselves in a search for truth and love. We reach through the deepest darkness to discover. This is a glimpse into the heart of being with a desire to live and love...

The Brilliance

A trail in my path it breathes life
eternally flowing
In the sunshine it glimmers of gold and crimson.
At sunrise and sunset
rainbow lines shimmer in sporadic bursts.
The shine of an abalone shell stirs
in constant motion,
I follow it enawed by its brilliance.

I flow with the brilliance of life.
Together, we relflect the brilliance.


The Wonders

She wonders...
She asks and seeks reason.
In the darkness of her being she cries out -
the heroine or the hero
Reaching out a hand of hope,love grasps her.
Saved in the lightness of love,
she lives another moment.
In the union of dark and light comes the
creation of gray matter, consciousness.
Carried by the hands and music of conscious love,
they fly off together in the wonders.

In wonder, I reach out lovingly.
Together, we create the wonders.


SILVER & GOLD AT SUNRISE - Hope & Affirmations Through the Eyes of Love
Poetry and affirmations that reinforce the strength of love, self, and the power of unity with All That Is.

Copyright 2000 Melanie Silos. All rights reserved.
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