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REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND:  Reeve Carney says, It matters. (Photograph by Marisa Silos) On the source of inspiration and empowerment: 'MY FATHER (Joe Paquin).  He taught me music.  If it weren't for my Dad and what he did with my Mom, I wouldn't be here.' - Luke Paquin, guitarist Hot Hot Heat + 'MOST IMPORTANT IS TO STAY ENTHUSIASTIC...' Steve Bays, vocalist Hot Hot Heat  [photo use by permission of WBR.] RYAN ADAMS - I'M STILL LEARNING...  Ryan Adams: A Light of Brilliance... A blue star, ONE in a constellation of many, without whom the whole would not be what it is... Click in for the full feature article regarding Ryan's new music and more. (Photograph by Bob Gruen. Posted with permission of Lost Highway Records.) RYAN supports HousingWorks.org [MORE] EVERYTHING IS MEANINGFUL. - Robert Plant... LOVE & PEACE. - Robert Plant... KEANE - Being Keen With Keane.  Question is:  Does the music we make choose us or do we choose the music. Vocalist Tom Chaplin knows, 'IT SOUNDS CRYPTIC.'  Click in and discover the orgins of life and creation! Keane are helping child victims of war go to school with Warchildmusic.com. (Photograph posted with permission of Interscope Records. OASIS:  On life & learning:  NEVER STOP; says Noel Gallagher, lead guitarist, singer/songwriter, and mastermind of Oasis... A drink of life in the summer heat at an OASIS and an undeniable feeling of Heathen Chemistry.  (Photograph courtesy Sony Music Ent.) [MORE] ADVOCATES OF PHILANTHROPY - RADIOHEAD Bring Out the Stars at Hollywood Bowl. ...It's about ALL the people that made it what it is together. (Photo courtesty of NLM) [MORE]
Featured Artist: THE KIN.  Helping Darfur with The Kin - Watch the video and help Darfur - click in for details. Rock for Learning Kids - music for infants, toddlers to teens and up, to inspire learning and learning to love... Get it here! 'When you experience something in life, see it for what it is and not to allow an illusion to lead you. LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU - nothing else matters.S' - Talia Mayes, The Golden Ratio  [photo use by permission.] On what's important for family development: 'KEEP ON GETTING EDUCATED AND LEARN LOVE FOR HUMANITY' - Ian Brown  [photo use by permission.] I'M WILLING TO LEARN! - The Zutons.  [photo use by permission of Sony Music Ent.] SEAL:  A Symbol of Love & A Step in the Right Direction.  LOVE, WHAT ELSE IS THERE... says SEAL. (Photograph posted with permission of Warner Bros Records.) Seal supports Childhelpusa.org [MORE] WE'VE GOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON OUR IDEALS OR BETRAY SOMETHING AT THE HEART OF WHO WE ARE... - Bono (U2) BONO, at Harvard University addresses the class on African relief, American ideals, and rebelling against indifference. (Photo and link courtesy of Berklee College of Music and Harvard Magazine.)Bono supports DataData.org  [MORE] With heartfelt consideration for making a better world guitarist Dean DeLeo and vocalist Richard Patrick get deep and meaningful and declare: We are Eachother LIVE, LOVE, LEARN. - Darius Rucker.  Back To Then, brilliant with heart and soul... (Photograph by Stephen Danelian.  Courtesy of Hidden Beach Records.)[MORE]
YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. - Francis Dunnery. Francis Dunnery supports the CKD Children's Hospital Fund-UK [MORE] YOU ARE THE MAGIC. - Johnny Marr.  Johnny Marr & The Healers - Bangin' On with Love.[MORE] INCUBUS/Brandon Boyd, With encouragement on how to make a positive difference in the world: Responsibility, Self-sufficience, cleaning up after one's self, stay aware, to name a few.  [photo use by permission of Ren Management.] THE THRILLS - Thrilled for Learning! Vocalist/songwriter Conor Deasy wants to learn:  I WANT TO LEARN MUSIC THEORY... Click in for the full feature article plus more about their new record LET'S BOTTLE BOHEMIA. The Thrills headlined the 2004 OXFAM.org benefit concert. (Photograph posted with permission of Virgin Records. MOTIVATE YOURSELF.  IT'S THE HARDEST THING TO DO FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY. - Robert Harvey (Lead Vocalist - THE MUSIC) - ...with that most screaming wild unique guitar riff by guitarist, Adam Nutter, in FLOAT that simply winds me up and makes me dance as it intends. What a contrast it is to hear Robert, one who likes to read spiritual philosophical subjects... [MORE] (Photograph by courtesy of Capitol Records.) MUSIC IS EVERYTHING. - Chris Martin (Coldplay singer/keyboardist/guitarist). COLDPLAY: The Light of Music, Passion, and Development! (Photo courtesy of Capitol Records & Coldplay's Mgmt) Coldplay supports MakeTradeFair.org  [MORE] On Commitment & Valued Aims: 'Overcoming the forces of opposition and adversity in upholding commitments and valued aims requires the TOP strengths of being tenaciously decisive, obsessively passionate and focussed, and possessively responsible for ownership of actions, efforts, decisions, and effects of such activities. - Energy, Aim & Action with dedication and devotion - that's what it takes.' - Melanie Silos] Don't Worry, Be Happy

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