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Rock for Learning features: COLDPLAY

Please join COLDPLAY in support of OXFAM to "Make Trade Fair" and the Global Poverty Project to "Make Poverty History".

TAKE ACTION here and now to urge government leaders to bring about trade justice, and please join us with action and support. Thank you from Rock for Learning & Coldplay!

Learn more about "Commitment to Important Matters" featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin [here].

COLDPLAY: The Light of Music, Passion, and Development

COLDPLAY: Guitarist Jon Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, drummer Will Champion, singer/keyboards/guitarist Chris Martin. [Photo by JAMES DIMMOCK used by permission of Capitol Records.] Written by Melanie Silos

Backstage at Madison Square Garden with the award winning British rock group Coldplay, I asked frontman Chris Martin (singer/keyboardist/guitarist), "What is really important to you?" And he said, "Music is everything." I looked into his eyes with tears in my own. That's the power of love and happiness when one works hard to achieve, and succeeds. And that's the power of music as the lights flash on stage at Madison Square Garden, the music of Coldplay explodes, and Chris Martin sings "Yellow".

Just last August Coldplay was performing a warm up gig in New York at the Bowery Ballroom with an encore cover of Oasis' "Songbird" to Liam and Noel Gallagher in the audience, and since the release of Coldplay's CD "A Rush of Blood To the Head" they've triumphed two sellout shows at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and return again to New York to achieve Madison Square Garden with sold out ticket sales within one hour (somewhere around 16,000 seats) for this event. "For a young English band, this is BONKERS!" says 1977 born Chris Martin at Madison Square Garden in their last show in the US for a few years.

They didn't miss a single great song...perhaps because ALL their songs are truly great. From "Politik," "The Scientist," "God Put a Smile on Your Face," "Trouble," "Clocks," "Don't Panic," "Yellow," and more. Chris Martin has that lightening of peace, love, and music that channels through him with a passion in every song. And all of the Coldplay bandmates, drummer Will Champion, bassist Guy Berryman, guitarist Jon Buckland, with the whole team of sound and lighting engineers bring it all together with a powerful force that releases like a wave of energy. At the end of the first set Chris declares, "This is the part where we're all supposed to go backstage and do drugs and have showers... but we don't do drugs, and there are no showers." And they continued on with more music.

Back on stage Chris Martin announced "This is really important, listen..." as he introduced the Robin Hood organization and the private donations that through auction of the opportunity to sing with Coldplay at Madison Square Garden generated a total of "$800,000 (that) will go to the city of New York" through the Robin Hood organization. Christy Roider joined Coldplay up on stage to sing an acoustic version of "In My Place" with great harmonies by Chris Martin. It happened by a donation from her friend (that wishes to remain annonymous) in the amount of $350,000 to the Robin Hood organization; another gentleman also donated $500,000 although did not wish to sing. Since 1988, Robin Hood has targeted poverty in New York City by applying sound investment principles to philanthropy and funding early childhood learning and development programs, supporting model schools, providing job training, food programs, and comprehensive Youth & After-School programs.

And still there's more... two encores, new songs, a sweeeeeet cover of Echo & the Bunnymen's "Sugar Kisses," and one more time a full electric version of "In My Place."

Rock for Learning endorsement from COLDPLAY.  Image copyright 2003 - Melanie Silos.  Please e-mail Rock for Learning to make a purchase offer for the original of this COLDPLAY autographed logo page.

After Chris Martin's Father invested in Chris' college education through one of the world's leading universities, University College London (UCL) in England, Chris after college rather went off with his bandmates to be a musician. Clearly a good choice, as Coldplay is rather blessed not only to have such a great collaboration of musicians with award winning songs (Ivor Novello awards in UK), but also to be a group of artists that are so wholeheartedly involved in the various philanthropic and humanitarian developments in the world. Plus, at anytime for any reason Chris can always go back to that investment in a strong foundation of education to build and create more life adventures. And it's never too late for anyone to start a good investment in learning at any time.

An important note about University College London (UCL), founded in 1826, was the first university to welcome all people regardless of their class, race, religion, or sex, dramatically expanding access to higher education. The university’s teaching, research, and community continue to be inspired by this radical tradition: the refusal to let convention inhibit progress.

It is exactly that fundamental belief put into action that I was able to meet up with Coldplay at Madison Square Garden and achieve their endorsement of Rock for Learning.

"Music is Everything." - Chris Martin
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Coldplay's humanitarian development efforts.
Rock for Learning greatly appreciates Coldplay's support.

June 14, 2003
© 2003 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
Coldplay photograph by JAMES DIMMOCK used by permission of Capitol Records/EMI.
Rock for Learning endorsement from Coldplay. Image copyright 2003 - Melanie Silos. Your support here is welcomed and very appreciated. Please e-mail Rock for Learning to make a purchase offer for the original of this COLDPLAY autographed logo page.

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