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Rock for Learning - Learning together to cultivate a better world.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, COLDPLAY, LED ZEPPELIN, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, RADIOHEAD, INCUBUS, and more...

Rock for Learning celebrates more than 15 years of sharing great music and learning together to cultivate a better world!


It is the mission of New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Rock for Learning to serve members of the community with publications and outreach that supports learning, empowerment, and goal achievement for the cultivation of a better world. Established in 2002, Rock for Learning aims to inspire learning and empowerment to cultivate a better world while celebrating the music that motivates us.

Rock for Learning is a privately funded website publication and community outreach service of New Moon Publishing & Consulting. Through this site New Moon Publishing & Consulting brings you a network with feature articles, information, and resources to help fulfill our mission.



1000 Things To Do! - Melanie Silos, Author/Consultant- New Moon Publishing & Consulting

New Moon Publishing & Consulting began in September 1993, by Melanie Silos with the first publishing of "There's 1000 Things To Do!", and after completing a corporate career in HR Training & Performance Development for healthcare benefit administration, corporate communications and government programs in the 1990's, Melanie developed New Moon Publishing & Consulting with the creation of Rock for Learning, a philanthropic community outreach and publication to inspire learning and involvement with great music and good causes to cultivate a better world.

As President and Chief Editor of RockforLearning.com founded in 2001, Melanie worked with major label artists, in collaboration with their management, publicists, and associates to create marketing communications and publish the featured articles of Rock for Learning to promote the artist's music and share their selected philanthropic causes to help bridge the gap between supporters and the causes. Featured artists and causes include, Bono/U2 and Debt-Trade-Aids-Aftrica Organization (DATA) [now the ONE Campaign], The Who, Oasis, Robert Plant and friends for the Teen Cancer Trust (TCT), Incubus for their Make Yourself Foundation (MYF), Coldplay for Oxfam/Make Trade Fair, Ryan Adams for Housing Works NY, and more.

As a self-published author with New Moon Publishing, Melanie has also written several books including, "Anything You Want - Children's Wish Book" (1996), "Silver & Gold at Sunrise" (1998), "UNION: Affirmations for Love" (2000), "The Power of Ever: God Is Always Happening" (2010), "LIGHT: Encouragement on the Path of Life" (1998/2011), and other books and publications on self-development and spirituality which are also available and featured on RockforLearning.com.

Melanie's aim to make a positive difference for a better world has included work in the community as a political communications consultant for the preservation of environmental protections and regulations, funding and improvement for education, and support of other progressive legislation serving various state and local candidates (such as Bennett Kayser for LAUSD School Board), as well as other public initiatives and political action committees.

A songwriter by heart, Melanie is actively involved in the community as a singer/songwriter in the service of music. Members of the Intl Co-Elation: Topaz McGarrigle (Groove Church) & Till Behler (Organic Combustion) - [photo by Melanie Silos] With a passion for music, as a singer/songwriter Melanie has performed live music with such artists and groups as The Global Alliance of Performers (GAP) Michael McMorrow and members of Blues Traveller, "Page/Plant" hurdy gurdy extraordinaire - Nigel Eaton, award-winning World Music artist Hassan Hakmoun, New York City's "Arnie Lawrence and the International Freeway" and the "Co-Elation" all star groups with "Groove Church's" - Topaz, guitarist - James Katz, "Authority's" Dave Masucci, "Istanbul Orchestra" guitarist - Ray Ippolito, "Freedom Tribe" Drummer - Jimmy (Rio) Riordon & guitarist - Al (Owl) Dopa, "Spin Doctors'" drummer - Aaron Comess & bassist - Mark White, guitarist - Teddy Kumpel, "Organic Combustions'" - Till Behler, plus many others. Since 1996 she has performed in various venues from Los Angeles to New York, such as Highland Grounds, The Roxy, The Whiskey-Go-Go, and Molly Malone's in Los Angeles, and the Spiral Lounge, Lions Den, Nightingales, Moonlighting, Hunter College and cafes in New York City. Melanie has also had past exhibits and performances at Border�s Books & Music in Las Vegas, NV and Northridge, CA.

Rock for Learning, President& Chief Editor, Melanie Silos - It's about having that heartfelt desire, heeding to the passion to learn and play, and going wherever necessary to do it.  I went to my own perspective of the Plant/Page & Dunnery School of Music:  I learned through observation and experience at shows and on tours from 1988-1998... Of course, I learned a lot from my Dad playing (Elvis/Beatles/Everly Bros.) ever since I was born.  Still, I believe writing is my strongest ability.  [photo by Marisa Silos.]

"It's about having that heartfelt desire, heeding to the passion to learn and play, and going wherever necessary to do it. I went to my own perspective of the 'Plant, Page, & Dunnery School of Music': I learned through observation and experience at shows and on tours from 1988-1998... Of course, I learned a lot from my Dad playing (Elvis/Beatles/Everly Bros.) ever since I was born. Still, I believe writing is my strongest ability." - Melanie

Prior to Rock for Learning, Melanie Silos was a professional of Learning & Performance Development. While attending college, Melanie also worked as a Corporate Training & Performance Development Specialist facilitating administrative and leadership programs and performance solutions for professionals and executives at a statewide level with a non-profit Healthcare Organization (which transformed into a fortune 500 company), as well as for HR new hire training, administrative/operations training, policy/procedures and contracts, benefits and government programs administration. During this time Melanie gained certifications in facilitating Skills for an Empowered Workforce/Service Plus [DDI], Criterion-Referenced/Performance-Based Instruction [Mager], Information Mapping, Performance Improvement Solutions, and more under the leadership and development of IPS VP Howard B. Lewis, PhD. Later as a Liberal Arts alumni of Cal State University Northridge (CSUN), Melanie served as a Performance Development Consultant at a national level certifying other professionals and managers in the Learning Resource Team Program as the corporation expanded from the west to the east coast.

A NOTE ON LEARNING: LEARNING IS A PROCESS of experience in which we gather sensory data, information, or skill development applicable to present or future activities. The results of learning are manifested through our methods of decision making and choices of action, such that the decisions and actions are based on acquired beliefs, information, and skills. As much as academic studies are encouraged, learning is certainly not limited to studying information in a structured academic environment. One may learn anything in any way that skills, knowledge, and information may be perceived and experienced. Please join us in a life filled with great music, learning, and development to live the life of your greatest fulfillment. Even if that means simply to learn what your greatest fulfillment would be, live it, and love it. Rock for Learning!

LEARNING HAPPENS... What you do with DEVELOPMENT from what you've learned is what makes all the difference.

© 2003 Melanie Silos, Publisher/Exec. Director - Rock for Learning
New Moon Publishing & Consulting


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This site is a privately funded publication and outreach project of New Moon Publishing & Consulting.

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