Rock for Learning - Learning & empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes. Rock for Learning
Learning & empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes.

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Melanie Silos with New Moon Publishing & Consulting presents: Rock for Learning - Learning and empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes. Offering Self-Development and Empowerment consulting, ebooks, news and publications featuring activist and philanthropic causes and music artists, including Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Led Zeppelin, U2-Bono, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Incubus, The Kin, Keane, Francis Dunnery, Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, Beck, Darius Rucker, Seal, Radiohead, Carney-Reeve Carney, Grace & the Midnight Angel, and more…


We are excited that you are here and interested in Rock for Learning and how we can help cultivate a better world together!

Learning is a life-long continuous process of raising awareness and creating improvements, and cultivating a better world begins with this awareness and self-development with action towards desired outcomes. Rock for Learning is here to help with that.

Since 2002 Rock for Learning has actively served to raise awareness and promote support for important matters through publications and community outreach and involvement:

*  Celebrating, sharing, and supporting great music of featured artists who are politically and/or philanthropically active and involved.

*  Providing Self-Development & Empowerment with news and publications, articles, eBooks, and faith-based empowerment consulting by Rock for Learning Founder/Consultant, Melanie Silos.

Promoting and supporting philanthropy, activism, and involvement with news and featured charitable organizations and causes endorsed by philanthropic/activist music artists; also, providing Political Community Outreach and Consulting Services and participating and encouraging involvement in civic engagement and political action, including voting, GOTV, voter registration, grassroots campaigns, initiatives/ballot measures, and raising awareness of important matters for legislative change. (Rock for Learning is an independent organization and supports every eligible voter to participate and vote.)

Rock for Learning Newsletters 2002-2003> <u><b><font size=WHO WE ARE/OUR MISSION

Rock for Learning is a privately funded website and community outreach project of New Moon Publishing & Consulting created by the Founder/Author/Artist, Melanie Silos with the first grassroots print newsletter published in 2002 to inspire learning and empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes that many musicians support (including philanthropy, activism, and community outreach and involvement). Since 2002 Rock for Learning has developed and expanded self-development and empowerment resources with more published ebooks and music, as well as the availability of personal development consulting services by Rock for Learning Founder, Artist/Author-Consultant Melanie Silos.

It is the mission of Rock for Learning to help bridge the gap between supporters and selected philanthropic and legislative causes and musicians/music, as well as to serve individuals to help bridge the gap between their existing situations and desired outcomes through publications as well as self-development and empowerment consulting.

Rock for Learning raises community awareness through encouragement and direction with news, books, media, articles, music, consulting services, and community outreach to fulfill our mission.



Important matters of Rock for Learning include our values, which are also the focus of self-development topics:



Invest in empowering yourself and others to cultivate a better world.

Philanthropy is an important matter and an essential role of activism and involvement in the community. You'll find there are many activist/philanthropic musicians including U2/Bono, Robert Plant/Led Zeppelin, The Who, Oasis, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Pete Yorn, and the many artists who are featured on Rock for Learning. As every individual can make a difference, we encourage your support and participation with our selected artists and organizations – volunteer and donate, and get involved in your local community with political activism to legislate change, including writing/signing letters to elected officials, registering to vote and voting, circulating and signing initiatives, petitions, ballot measures and plebiscites, and participating in rallies and marches for causes you support. Please click into Rock for Learning Featured Artists and Causes for more about artists and organizations that welcome your participation and involvement.

Please join and explore Rock for Learning for a variety of resources for empowerment, activism, and involvement, including access to political consulting services and personal development consulting for self-empowerment and personal growth, and find great music and philanthropic causes to support with some of the greatest music artists in the world! Thank you for being one to make a difference with Rock for Learning!

Melanie Silos at Lilith Festival in support of ASPCA and other charities.

*** Join us to cultivate a better world together! Learn more and be empowered! ***

"Let's live intentionally,
willfully, passionately,
with a fire in our hearts that shines like the sun,
and from that desire
create, create, create!"

- Melanie Silos, Artist/Author/Consultant - Founder of Rock for Learning




PHOTO CREDITS:  Heart sign/values: Pexels-Hassan Ouajbir.
Festival photo of Rock for Learning Founder/Artist, Melanie Silos of Grace & the Midnight Angel, pictured from the Lilith Festival organized by musician Sarah MacLachlan in support of the ASPCA and other charitable causes.


Thank You to all the artists and the following sponsors and supporters for contributing to the initial development and launch of Rock for Learning in 2002-2003 and were an essential part of the startup of Rock for Learning:

Rock for Learning also thanks all the participating artists, their management, publicists, and record companies for their support and involvement with Rock for Learning.

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