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Love in You - Realize & Activate the Fulfillment of Love  - ebook by Melanie Silos

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Realize & Activate the Fulfillment of Love
By Melanie Silos

With this book I will help you with the 10 keys to realize and activate the fulfillment of the love of God in you, so you will feel esteemed in who you are to God and be empowered, inspired, and fulfilled by it for your holistic well-being, personal growth, and success in loving God, others, and yourself (Luke 10:27).
With God you can faithfully know that you are already good enough, loved, accepted, and celebrated. Be unshakable with God.


Explore ebooks of faith-based empowerment by Melanie Silos, including EMBRACE YOUR FAITH - Empowerment for Personal Growth & Fulfillment Book 1 of the Rise Up with Faith, Love, & Courage! Ebook series [HERE]. Empower your life and mindset with faith, love, and courage!

Grace & the Midnight Angel

Grace & the Midnight Angel - original music and lyrics by BMI singer-songwriter Melanie Silos

"Making and sharing music is about being actively part of something bigger than myself and serving to a need that someone may have, especially like finding a light of hope in life during times of darkness, sharing a relatable feeling or experience, as well as sharing co-elation in times of joy." - Melanie Silos, Grace & the Midnight Angel

Read and learn more about the music of Grace & the Midnight Angel and click into the Rock for Learning feature article here.

Also, hear new music from Grace & the Midnight Angel EPs THREE and HEART WHISPERS now available for streaming and purchase on all major music channels, including Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Apple, I-Tunes, Tidal, Pandora, Google Play, Bandcamp, and more. Stream and follow GRACE & THE MIDNIGHT ANGEL!


ROCK FOR LEARNING - LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Cultivating a Better World Together

Every day is a new day, a destination that I am grateful and thankful and fulfilled to have reached. Now, let's dance! - Melanie Silos, Publisher/Songwriter - Rock for Learning. Hello Members and Visitors!

Did you realize that you can make a difference? Here we aim learn to cultivate a better world while celebrating the great music that motivates us. By learning to support and protect resources required for life sustenance and by activating self-empowerment, raising awareness and recognizing our role of stewardship for all life and how to support causes and the music we love, we can be the ones to help cultivate a better world together. Join us right here and take action with Rock for Learning!

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This year has brought some of the most unusual challenges in which the actions of each individual can affect the greater good. It is up to each one of us to use careful discernment and consideration equally for others as for ourselves in our choices. You can make a difference through self-development, philanthropy, service and kindness, voting/elections, signing petitions, and being active and involved in your community. For detailed election information in your state (in USA) regarding candidates and measures, visit or your Secretary of State (SOS) website. Register to vote and get active with and

Thanks for learning about important matters, taking action, and sharing your support! Explore the music of Rock for Learning featured artists on our ROCK FOR LEARNING ARTISTS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Let's change the world together! Rock on!

Melanie Silos,
Chief Editor/BMI Singer-Songwriter,



on Empowerment, Commitment & Activism to Cultivate a Better World Together:

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WE'VE GOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON OUR IDEALS OR BETRAY SOMETHING AT THE HEART OF WHO WE ARE... - Bono (U2) BONO, at Harvard University addresses the class on African relief, American ideals, and rebelling against indifference. (Photo and link courtesy of Berklee College of Music and Harvard Magazine.)Bono supports  [MORE]OASIS:  On life & learning:  NEVER STOP; says Noel Gallagher, lead guitarist, singer/songwriter, and mastermind of Oasis... A drink of life in the summer heat at an OASIS and an undeniable feeling of Heathen Chemistry.  (Photograph courtesy Sony Music Ent.) [MORE]Robert Plant photo by Frank Melfi by permissioncoldplay photo by permission of Capitol Records COMMITMENT TO IMPORTANT MATTERS
Featuring encouragement and direction from members of Oasis, U2, The Music, Coldplay, Page & Plant, Hot Hot Heat, plus Francis Dunnery, Editor/Songwriter Melanie Silos, and more.
"Overcoming the forces of opposition and adversity in upholding commitments and valued aims requires the TOP strengths of being decisive, passionate and focussed, and responsible for actions, efforts, decisions, and effects of such activities." - M. Silos Read the complete article[LEARN MORE HERE]



YOU ARE THE MAGIC. - Johnny Marr.  Johnny Marr & The Healers - Bangin' On with Love.[MORE] On what's important for family development: 'KEEP ON GETTING EDUCATED AND LEARN LOVE FOR HUMANITY' - Ian Brown  [photo use by permission.]ADVOCATES OF PHILANTHROPY - RADIOHEAD Bring Out the Stars at Hollywood Bowl. ...It's about ALL the people that made it what it is together. (Photo courtesty of NLM) [MORE]Pete Yorn (photo by permission of NLM 2006.) ACTIVISM WITH FUNDAMENTAL VALUES
Featuring activist guidance from Pete Yorn, The Smith's Johnny Marr, Stone Roses' Ian Brown, Radiohead, Berlin's Terri Nunn, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Incubus' Brandon Boyd, and Melanie Silos.
"The ability to make a difference begins with getting educated, learning, and having the skills, knowledge, and abilities to enact solutions; learning about conditions and important matters in the community and world will provide the factors from which we may discern our focus, aims, direction and course of action. Fundamental values such as love for humanity, preservation of the environment, and willingness to learn and fix it when broke, are the driving force of care that will motivate action for support and providing solutions." - M. Silos Read the complete article[LEARN MORE HERE]


Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Illustrated Book 2018 LED ZEPPELIN: Celebrating Their Official 50th Anniversary Illustrated Book and Cultivating a Better World with Music, Love and Spiritual Enlightenment
WE HAVE THE LED! ...The first step towards cultivating a better world is that of raising awareness of the matter so that attention may be given to creating and activating solutions for it. Led Zeppelin is cultivating a better world through music, love, and spiritual enlightenment wherein we each may discern and find the path to the "Stairway to Heaven" and be encouraged through the history of their diverse classic rock with the occasional spiritual references... Sharing what's meaningful and spiritually important to Robert Plant who writes such enlightened lyrics (as a traveler of time and space), he signs for us his spiritual declaration... [LEARN MORE HERE]



On what matters, Seal declares - Love what else is there. Johnny Marr.The Golden Ratio”></font><font size= A MOMENT FOR A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE: What the World Needs Now is Love
Featuring words of inspiration from Seal, Johnny Marr, Stone Roses' Ian Brown, The Golden Ratio's Talia Mayes, and more.
"It takes just a moment to make a supportive effort that collectively will make a world of difference through simple sharing, helping to raise awareness, and initiating action on important matters...How will we help raise awareness and inspire action on what is important so we can share a moment and do someting about it, and what can we do about it? 'All you need is LOVE; LOVE is all you need.'" Read the complete article[LEARN MORE HERE.]


. MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND: Cycling and Marching Forth to Save the Environment
Featuring The March Fourth Marching Band with many environmental organizations coming together in the interest of environmental preservation nationwide. I rode the metro and walked to the event, and wherever Rock for Learning is present there is always excellent music and good causes! 10-10-10 at Downtown LA's City Hall was brought to a crescendo by a surprise performance from the MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND of Portland, Oregon, one of the very green enviromentally conscious cities of the west coast, promoting "Bike Consciousness." Their electric bassist John Averill mentions "Many people in Portland ride their bikes around rather than drive." All the band members are very bike conscious, and he points out to their drums, "All of our drums are made with recycled bike parts." They encourage people to "Turn in your car for a bicycle;" and "bike more; drive less," says bass drummer Dan Stauffer, and percussionist Richard Cawley (who constructs the drums with recycled bike parts.) affirms, "Ride on." [LEARN MORE HERE.]


Mitch Mills - Love Goes full Circle in the Sweet Life of Music MITCH MILLS: Love Goes Full Circle in the Sweet Life of Music
From blues to alternative pop Mitch Mills sings through his strings and has decided to develop his path enjoying his life creatively. Having a passion and love for something goes full circle when you commit to it with action, as learning and self-development require dedicated work and an open path, Mitch Mills has found an open road with his love and hard work for music: "I have been working hard to find my own voice as a writer" and he has found it successfully as a guitarist. "I worked hard and it paid off." [LEARN MORE HERE]


Making and sharing music is about being actively part of something bigger than myself and serving to a need that someone may have, especially like finding a light of hope in life during times of darkness, sharing a relatable feeling or experience, as well as sharing co-elation in times of joy.' - Melanie Silos] THE KEYS OF SELF DEVELOPMENT
Self development is anything that strengthens, exercises, or benefits the body, mind, or spirit and empowers your life and livelihood. Through available resources of energy that are within your reach and own creation, you can create a tangible aim that supports your self development and apply action for its fulfillment. There are three keys to empowering your life. So let's make a wish and count to three, because here they are: [LEARN MORE HERE.]


With consideration of all aspects of life - an awareness of the interdependence of individual units as they relate to the existence of the whole, the holistic approach to performance development and systematic analysis of details of performance, leaders may identify performance gaps and needs, and the most effective decisions and performance solutions may be created to empower improved personal and business performance, productivity, and results to cultivate a better world.
[Learn more here.]



ROCK FOR LEARNING! TAKE ACTION TO FREE HIGHER EDUCATION. The future careers of our young adults and their right to higher education through colleges, universities, and specialized schools is currently being held ransom, a hostage held from its rightful students... [Learn more here.] Please join us to take action with this campaign to help build the system to FREE HIGHER EDUCATION.*



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REEVE CARNEY & THE REVOLVING BAND:  Reeve Carney says, It matters. (Photograph by Marisa Silos) On the source of inspiration and empowerment: 'MY FATHER (Joe Paquin).  He taught me music.  If it weren't for my Dad and what he did with my Mom, I wouldn't be here.' - Luke Paquin, guitarist Hot Hot Heat + 'MOST IMPORTANT IS TO STAY ENTHUSIASTIC...' Steve Bays, vocalist Hot Hot Heat  [photo use by permission of WBR.] RYAN ADAMS - I'M STILL LEARNING...  Ryan Adams: A Light of Brilliance... A blue star, ONE in a constellation of many, without whom the whole would not be what it is... Click in for the full feature article regarding Ryan's new music and more. (Photograph by Bob Gruen. Posted with permission of Lost Highway Records.) RYAN supports [MORE] EVERYTHING IS MEANINGFUL. - Robert Plant... LOVE & PEACE. - Robert Plant... KEANE - Being Keen With Keane.  Question is:  Does the music we make choose us or do we choose the music. Vocalist Tom Chaplin knows, 'IT SOUNDS CRYPTIC.'  Click in and discover the orgins of life and creation! Keane are helping child victims of war go to school with (Photograph posted with permission of Interscope Records. OASIS:  On life & learning:  NEVER STOP; says Noel Gallagher, lead guitarist, singer/songwriter, and mastermind of Oasis... A drink of life in the summer heat at an OASIS and an undeniable feeling of Heathen Chemistry.  (Photograph courtesy Sony Music Ent.) [MORE] ADVOCATES OF PHILANTHROPY - RADIOHEAD Bring Out the Stars at Hollywood Bowl. ...It's about ALL the people that made it what it is together. (Photo courtesty of NLM) [MORE]
Featured Artist: THE KIN (BROTHERS KOREN).  Helping Darfur with The Kin - Watch the video and help Darfur - click in for details. Rock for Learning Kids - music for infants, toddlers to teens and up, to inspire learning and learning to love... Get it here! 'When you experience something in life, see it for what it is and not to allow an illusion to lead you. LET YOUR HEART LEAD YOU - nothing else matters.S' - Talia Mayes, The Golden Ratio  [photo use by permission.] On what's important for family development: 'KEEP ON GETTING EDUCATED AND LEARN LOVE FOR HUMANITY' - Ian Brown  [photo use by permission.] I'M WILLING TO LEARN! - The Zutons.  [photo use by permission of Sony Music Ent.] SEAL:  A Symbol of Love & A Step in the Right Direction.  LOVE, WHAT ELSE IS THERE... says SEAL. (Photograph posted with permission of Warner Bros Records.) Seal supports [MORE] WE'VE GOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH ON OUR IDEALS OR BETRAY SOMETHING AT THE HEART OF WHO WE ARE... - Bono (U2) BONO, at Harvard University addresses the class on African relief, American ideals, and rebelling against indifference. (Photo and link courtesy of Berklee College of Music and Harvard Magazine.)Bono supports  [MORE] With heartfelt consideration for making a better world guitarist Dean DeLeo and vocalist Richard Patrick get deep and meaningful and declare: We are Eachother LIVE, LOVE, LEARN. - Darius Rucker.  Back To Then, brilliant with heart and soul... (Photograph by Stephen Danelian.  Courtesy of Hidden Beach Records.)[MORE]
I worked hard, and it paid off. - Mitch Mills (Sugarwall, LA 4773, HiFi Lover) YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. - Francis Dunnery. Francis Dunnery supports the CKD Children's Hospital Fund-UK [MORE] YOU ARE THE MAGIC. - Johnny Marr.  Johnny Marr & The Healers - Bangin' On with Love.[MORE] INCUBUS/Brandon Boyd, With encouragement on how to make a positive difference in the world: Responsibility, Self-sufficience, cleaning up after one's self, stay aware, to name a few.  [photo use by permission of Ren Management.] THE THRILLS - Thrilled for Learning! Vocalist/songwriter Conor Deasy wants to learn:  I WANT TO LEARN MUSIC THEORY... Click in for the full feature article plus more about their new record LET'S BOTTLE BOHEMIA. The Thrills headlined the 2004 benefit concert. (Photograph posted with permission of Virgin Records. MOTIVATE YOURSELF.  IT'S THE HARDEST THING TO DO FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY. - Robert Harvey (Lead Vocalist - THE MUSIC) - ...with that most screaming wild unique guitar riff by guitarist, Adam Nutter, in FLOAT that simply winds me up and makes me dance as it intends. What a contrast it is to hear Robert, one who likes to read spiritual philosophical subjects... [MORE] (Photograph by courtesy of Capitol Records.) MUSIC IS EVERYTHING. - Chris Martin (Coldplay singer/keyboardist/guitarist). COLDPLAY: The Light of Music, Passion, and Development! (Photo courtesy of Capitol Records & Coldplay's Mgmt) Coldplay supports  [MORE] Making and sharing music is about being actively part of something bigger than myself and serving to a need that someone may have, especially like finding a light of hope in life during times of darkness, sharing a relatable feeling or experience, as well as sharing co-elation in times of joy.' - Melanie Silos] Don't Worry, Be Happy

Ryan Adams. Army of Anyone, Bono/U2, Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Carney, Coldplay, End Roulette, Francis Dunnery, The Golden Ratio, Grace & the Midnight Angel, Hot Hot Heat, Incubus, Johnny Marr & the Healers, Keane, The Kin (Brothers Koren), Led Zeppelin, March Fourth Marching Band, Mitch Mills LA 4773/Sugarwall , The Music, Oasis, Robert Plant, Radiohead, Darius Rucker (Hootie & the Blowfish), Seal, The Thrills, Pete Yorn, The Zutons

Explore the music of Rock for Learning featured artists on our ROCK FOR LEARNING ARTISTS SPOTIFY PLAYLIST.


Rock for Learning invites you to participate and encourages your SUPPORT OF OUR SPECIALLY SELECTED MUSICIANS and their selected philanthropic causes through purchasing their products and providing funding for their favored organizations. [Point upon the stars for descriptions and details.]



Beck - Odyssey tour 2023 Concord CABeck & Phoenix Odyssey Tour 2023

"I need your lovin' like the sunshine. Everybody's gotta learn sometime." - Beck


Take some time to relax, breathe, and enjoy the beautiful day;
make time to read, learn, and grow, and feel the music!

Join 8x Grammy Award winning artist Beck and friends in support of - Warchchild Music featuring Beck, Oasis, Paul Weller, Coldplay, Keane, Sir Paul McCartney, etc., helping children of war in Ukraine and more, as well as support for
and learn more about it with Rock for Learning!

Get the new single Odyssey by Beck and Phoenix
and celebrate great music and good causes!

Beck and Phoenix photo by Shervin Lainez with permission for use by NLM
Beck & Phoenix Odyssey Tour - photo by Shervin Lainez, NLM

* *

in partnership with Youth Villages created JANIEs FUND

Janies Fund brings hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect with holistic, trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches of care and works to build a stable, loving family around each child.
Please join us and click in to learn more and support JANIEs FUND.
Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith and founder of Janie’s Fund”></A>

<P><P>*  *  *  

Photo by Melanie Silos - Cheap Trick at Fresno County Fair 2017

Support 12 Million Dog March12 MILLION DOG MARCH - The Reidel & Cody Fund - Learn about it here; and join AEROSMITH and CHEAP TRICK on tour in support of the 12 Million Dog March and help save lives and treat pets that have cancer - Plus, Cheap Trick front man ROBIN ZANDER is donating 100% of the proceeds from his song "EVERY DOG HAS IT'S DAY" to support the cause. [click in and learn more and get the song here].


Support with Sarah Mc LachlanTHE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS (ASPCA) - Learn about it here and join Sarah McLachlan in support of animal welfare.


Emmylou Harris' Bonaparte's Artist Emmylou Harris is the founder of Bonaparte's Retreat Pet Adoption, which was created to rescue unadoptable dogs from the Nashville Humane Association.


Combat Climate Crisis with LIVE EARTH Keane, participating in 2007 Live Earth concert event - (photo by permission of NLM COMBAT CLIMATE CRISIS with LIVE EARTH LIVE EARTH brought together more than 150 of the world�s top musicians for 24-hours of music from 7 concerts across all 7 continents to help combat the climate crisis (aka Global Warming). Proceeds from the event created the foundation for a new, multi-year global effort to combat the climate crisis led by Vice President Al Gore. Kevin Wall, Worldwide Executive Producer of Live 8, is co-produced Live Earth. Thanks to Keane for the news of it! KEANE was one of the participating artist in the JULY LIVE EARTH concert event. [LEARN MORE ABOUT IT HERE]


INCUBUS (Photo by permission Ren Mgmt.) INCUBUS brings you The Make Yourself Foundation to fund various causes and charities both locally and around the world. Incubus is concentrating their efforts on the environment and the arts and they hope to make some substantial contributions in that area this year. THE MAKE YOURSELF FOUNDATION Learn about it here. Incubus' main cause.

ROLLING STONES support action to create solutions to reduce global warming and protect Earth's environment.  Turn up the heat on global warming - National Resources Defense Council - presented the Rolling Stones in a concert to stop global warming.  Feb 6th, 2003 at Staples Center, LA, CA.  
Turn up the heat on global warming with a benefit concert for the NRDC to stop global warming.  Take action to raise awareness and create change to preserve Earth's resources. NRDC.ORG NATIONAL RESOURCES DEFENSE COUNCIL (NRDC) - Learn about it here. The Rolling Stones support action to protect the Earth's environment from global warming. Got the moves like Jagger? Start me up and never stop! Support


JOHN MAYER, NICKELCREEK, & BONNIE RIATT performed a benefit concert  in Boston (Spring 2003) to support The Songbird Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that educates and motivates people to make sustainable choices to preserve migratory songbirds. One of the greatest threats to migratory songbirds is the surge in aggressive sun-grown coffee. In Latin America, coffee has traditionally been grown under the canopy of the rain forest, and a majority of the remaining regional rain forest is on coffee farms. Our current campaign goals are focused on raising awareness among coffee consumers, retailers, growers and distributors of the effect of sun-grown coffee on the songbirds and the rain forest on which they depend for essential habitat. SONGBIRD FOUNDATION Learn about it here.
Supported by John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Nickelcreek and more. Click in for details, concert review and new photos!

THE WHO are supporting a the Young People's Trust through sales of a limited edition Encore Series CD of their live performances on their 2002 tour (with opening artist Robert Plant).  All proceeds will benefit The Young People's Trust for the Environment. The Young People's Trust is a charity which aims to encourage young people's understanding of the environment and of the need for sustainability.  To buy this Encore Series CD and support this organisation go to THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S TRUST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Learn about it here.
To support this effort and buy The Who's "Encore Series" Live CD, go to or The Who Store right here right now.


Berklee, a nonprofit institution, was founded by pianist/arranger and MIT- trained engineer Lawrence Berk in 1945 as Schillinger House of Music. Located in Boston, Mass. Berklee offers the finest music education in the world.  Did you know...  David Bowie, Sting, James Taylor, Billy Joel, Natalie Cole, Pat Metheny, Dizzy Gillespie, Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, Tito Puente, Sarah Vaughn, and John Mayer are but only a few of the great musicians who have graduated from Berklee. And most recently in 2003, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler earned an honorary doctorate in Music.  Berk changed the name to Berklee School of Music in 1954, and the school granted its first bachelor's degrees in 1966.  The world's largest independent music college and the premier institution for the study of contemporary music, and home of the largest music technology learning center, Berklee provides the link between technology and the ability to create music.  Berklee offers the AEROSMITH Scholarship, Zildjian Scholarship, Women in Music Scholarship, Billboard Scholarship, JIMI HENDRIX Scholarship, Charlie Parker Scholarship, Arif Mardin Scholarship, and the Berklee City Music Scholarship. Find your future in music go to for more info.  ALSO FIND AT BERKLEE.EDU: U2's BONO speaks at Harvard - Video clip, BONO addresses the class on African relief and American ideals: We've got to follow-through on our ideals or betray something at the heart of who we are... THE BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC Learn about it here.
Contact their scholarships department at or go to for more.

BRIAN SETZER TRIO & THE STRAY CATS with Slim Jim headlined the 5th Annual Rock N' Surf Boarding House Mentors Fundraiser on May 21st to benefit Surf Camps for at-risk youths.   Boarding House Mentors is a program, which brings at risk youth and mentors to the beach to learn to surf together. By sharing this experience mentors and mentees become closer, and youth become inspired by the possibilities within themselves. BOARDING HOUSE MENTORS Learn about it here. Supported by The Stray Cats/Brian Setzer.
To become a surfing mentor or donate surf gear, please contact the Boarding House Mentors (Click in.) NIEL YOUNG Bridge School Benefit - photo by Pegi Young courtesy of WBR

NIEL YOUNG brings us the 17th Annual Bridge School Benefit October 25th-26th, 2003 Mountain View, CA. This very special acoustic concert benefiting The Bridge School will feature: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Willie Nelson, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Incubus, Wilco, Dashboard Confessional, plus Special Guests.  The Bridge School is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to ensure that individuals with severe speech and physical impairments achieve full participation in their communities through the use of augmentative & alternative means of communication (AAC) and assistive technology (AT) applications and through the development, implementation and dissemination of innovative life-long educational strategies. BRIDGE SCHOOL Learn about it here. Neil Young's main cause! Join NY and friends at the Annual Bridge School Benefit Concert, and buy the CD!

HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH bring you the The Hootie and the Blowfish Foundation, established in 2000 to create an endowment that benefits children of South Carolina through education and supports school music programs nationwide.  The 9th Annual M.A.M. - Masters Celebrity Pro-Am in Myrtle Beach, SC, aired Monday May 12th 2003 on the Golf Channel featuring Hootie's Darius Rucker, Jim THE HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH FOUNDATION Learn about it here.
See Hootie Golf! Click in for the Annual pictures and good Hootie music, and read more about the M.A.M. here at

The HOB Foundation brings music, arts and culture to schools and children.  If you would like to sponsor a program or donate musical instruments, please contact IHOBF Program Director, Kim Russell, at (702) 632-7682, or visit the website at  >*** Rock for Learning would like to thank our guests & supporters:  Linda Locke and Ella Escudero for joining the Las Vegas Intl. House of Blues Foundation Advisory Board.  Through our combined efforts we hope to make a valued difference in the development of music, arts, and culture in children internationally. HOUSE OF BLUES FOUNDATION ( Learn about it here. Rock for Learning's FIRST commercial sponsor in 2002 - House of Blues!


GlobalGLOBAL POVERTY PROJECT learn about it here. join together with Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, Band of Horses, and K'Naan to help end extreme poverty. Please join us to MAKE A COMMITMENT TO TAKE ACTION to help end golbal poverty. Click in HERE and sign up.


PEARL JAM, Coldplay, Duran Duran, and all those involved with Lollapalooza 2003/ Axis of Justice (Audioslave, The Donnas, The Distillers and Jurassic 5) and many other artists would like you to visit and support MUSIC FOR HUMAN RIGHTS - AMNESTYUSA.ORG AMNESTY USA - MUSIC FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Learn about it here. Supported by many artists, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Axis of Justice, and more!


GIVE SUPPORT... ROBERT PLANT & THE STRANGE SENSATION while on tour with their record "Mighty Rearranger" performed in Europe for the Nelson Mandela Foundation and recognizing the gravity of conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa encourages learning to create a greater personal awareness and recommends:

  • Medecins Sans Frontiers to provide medical aid wherever needed.
  • Nelson Mandela Foundation to help raise Global awareness of AIDS/HIV.
  • SOS Sahel the only British development organisation to focus exclusively on the semi-arid lands of the Sahel and Horn of Africa to support activities in Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Niger and Mali, some of the poorest countries in the world to meet their needs and address their problems.

Autism Speaks dedicated to promoting solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of individuals with autism and their families through advocacy and support; increasing understanding and acceptance of people with autism spectrum disorder; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions. See the Annual Light Up the Blues concert and support the cause. AUTISM SPEAKS & the Annual Light Up the Blues Concert has been supported by many artists including Ryan Adams, Neil Young, CSNY, Beck, Jack Black, Sheryl Crow, and more. Learn about it here.

FRANCIS DUNNERY calls for your support of The West Cumberland Children's Hospital Fund (UK) founded by Charlie & Kathleen Dunnery of Egremont-UK.  If you would like to help this organization, please send checks payable to EGREMONT TOWN HALL at CKDCF-Egremont Town Hall.  Market Street. Egremont, Cumbria CA22 2DF U.K. All contributions will benefit the children.CHARLIE & KATHLEEN DUNNERY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL FUND (UK) Learn about it here.. Francis Dunnery's main cause.

Janie’s JANIEs FUND Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith, in partnership with Youth Villages created Janies Fund. Janies Fund brings hope and healing to girls who have suffered the trauma of abuse and neglect with holistic, trauma-informed, evidence-based approaches of care and works to build a stable, loving family around each child. Please join us and click in to learn more and support Janies Fund.

SAFE NEST Support Safe Nest with GRACE & THE MIDNIGHT ANGEL. Safe Nest has been saving lives of families and animals since 1977; supports the vision of a world where domestic violence is not tolerated and provides relief and shelter for individuals and animals under abusive conditions. LEARN MORE at You ROCK for LEARNING about it!


SEAL supportsChildhelp USA,  one of the oldest and largest US non profits dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.  The organization's programs provide for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of abused and neglected children.  Seal shared past proceeds from his US tour donated to Childhelp USA. Click into for future tour details CHILDHELP USA Seal supports Childhelp USA, one of the oldest and largest US non-profits dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect. The organization's programs provide for the physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of abused and neglected children.
Ryan Adams courtesy of NLM


Ryan Adams supports Housing Works (Benefit concert 1/17/03) - visit Housing Works Used Book & Cafe in Soho, NY at 126 Crosby St., where 100% of proceeds go to Housing Works non-profit organization to provide housing, job training, and other services for 
homeless New Yorkers with HIV and AIDS.HOUSING WORKS ( Learn about it here. Brought to our awareness by Ryan Adams - Go for books, music, and coffee at Housing Works Bookstore, SoHo-NY.

Santana mural at 19th and Mission in San Francisco


CARLOS SANTANA brings you The Milagro Foundation, based in Northern CA.  Milagro (Miracle) is a charitable foundation that supports underrepresented and underprivileged children and youth in the areas of arts, education and health. The foundation makes grants to community-based, grass- roots organizations that work with children and youth, especially those at risk and disadvantaged due to such factors as poor health, illiteracy, or insufficient educational and cultural opportunities. THE MILAGRO FOUNDATION Learn about it here. Carlos Santana's main cause.

Energy is best served by being of soulful service. - Carlos Santana


COLDPLAY (photo courtesy of Capitol Records) COLDPLAY & OASIS' NOEL GALLAGHER in the 2002 Oxfam Benefit Concert play for Fair Trade.  OXFAM International is a confederation of 12 organizations working together in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice as part of a global citizens movement campaigning on such issues as Fair Trade, Debt relief, Education for all, and Access to medicine. OXFAM "Make Trade Fair" Supported by many artists including, Coldplay, Oasis, and more. Download video clips from the benefit concert from [Here.]


ROGER DALTREY/THE WHO, PAUL WELLER, NOEL GALLAGHER, FLORENCE & THE MACHINE, JIMMY PAGE, and others performed at the London Royal Albert Hall TCT Annual Benefot to  support Teenage Cancer Trust.  Supporting performers also include Coldplay, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Doves, Madness, and more.  Proceeds support development of hospital sanctuaries with information, inspiration, motivation, education, affirmation for teens with cancer. TEENAGE CANCER TRUST & TEEN CANCER AMERICA. The main cause of The Who and Roger Daltrey, and supported by The Who and friends through the Annual TCT Benefit at Royal Albert Hall. Learn more about it and share support with

The Who - Pete and Roger, supported by Oasis, Robert Plant, Paul Weller, Dave Grohl, and more. Roger Daltrey hosts a benefit concert annually to support Teenage Cancer Trust and Teen cancer America.  Roger Daltrey has been a patron of Teenage Cancer Trust for over 10 years and, with Pete Townshend at his side giving his full support, has helped raise millions of pounds for the charity.  Click in to learn more and share support.

The Tiger Woods Foundation actively encourages and promotes parental responsibility and involvement in the lives of children and celebrate the spirit of inclusion in all aspects of human existence. The Tiger Woods Foundation has been actively supported and endorsed through annual Tiger Jam benefit concerts over the years by artists such as: Seal, Third Eye Blind, Hootie & the Blowfish, John Mellencamp, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Train, LeAnne Rimes, Prince, and many more.TIGER WOODS FOUNDATION Supported by many artists including, Hootie & the Blowfish, Train, Prince, Seal, and more.
Recommended Reading: "START SOMETHING - You Can Make a Difference" by Earl Woods & The Tiger Woods Foundation

PEARL JAM could be the most active activists on a series of benefits including: The Benefit for the Prostate Cancer Center October 28, at the Santa Barbara Bowl. [Tickets available by auction on eBay.] All proceeds from ticket auctions will benefit the Louis Warschaw Prostate Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai. Also Oct 22nd, 2003-Benefit for in Seattle on October 22, plus Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit Concert on October 25-26. WARSCHAW PROSTATE CANCER CENTER at Cedars-Sinai. and YOUTHCARE.ORG Supported by Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder

PETER GABRIEL brings us The WOMAD Foundation, inspired by Peter Gabriel's love for music around the world, is a registered educational charity established in 1983. Through festivals, performance events, recorded releases and educational projects, its constituted aim is: To promote, maintain, improve and advance education in world cultures, whilst seeking to excite and inform audiences of the worth and potential of a multi-cultural society.  See website for dates, locations and details. WOMAD: World Of Music And Dance Learn about it here. Peter Gabriel's main cause.
Click in to for dates and info.

** SUPPORT ACTIVISM & SOCIAL JUSTICE. LEARN about these important matters. **


PROVIDE RELIEF FOR THE "AMERICAN BLUES" & ACTIVATE SUPPORT WITH PETE YORN supporting causes for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Children, Family/Parent Support, Hunger, Mental Challenges, and Poverty through organizations such as:,,,,,, EnergyAction Coalition, and fight for social justice with Pete Yorn and Axis of Justice (System of a Down-Serj Tankijian, Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave-Tom Morello and friends.). . You ROCK for LEARNING about it!



TIBET NEEDS YOUR HELP AGAINST ABUSE & ANNIHILATION ...against the total extinction of their country by the Chinese Government. Please join JOE WALSH, INCUBUS/BRANDON BOYD, Producer/Director RAY IPPOLITO and friends in support of this Tibetan Freedom cause. Write to government officials to protect human rights and TIBETAN FREEDOM NOW or NEVER: FREE TIBET [See the video here] and LEARN MORE about it. You ROCK for LEARNING about it!




  • GET MUSIC... support for WAR CHILD!
    WAR CHILD ANNOUNCE "HEROES" AN INCREDIBLE BENEFIT ALBUM FEATURING EXCLUSIVE CONTRIBUTIONS FROM various artists including BECK (photo courtesy of NLM)BECK doing a cover of Bob Dylans "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat", and DUFFY covering McCartney's "Live & Let Die". SIR PAUL McCARTNEY said I have been supporting War Child since 1995. Their work with children in war zones saves lives and their work with those who take decisions that help them to do something about it saves even more lives. I think Duffy’s version of Live and Let Die is great - I was really impressed. The breadth of talent on this project is amazing; it’s great that so many people gave their time, energy and support to this initiative. I urge everyone to support War Child.
    RADIOHEAD(Photo courtesty of NLM) Proceeds benefit War Child, an award winning charity that provides humanitarian assistance to war-affected children in some of the most devastated regions of the world.

    Also, available through Download the special RADIOHEAD Jonny Greenwood remix of "Go To Sleep" recorded live in Japan 2004 for .99 cents. Also get the album to help children of the Bosnian War is available in stores featuring COLDPLAY, OASIS, BLUR, RADIOHEAD, KEANE, SUEDE and more.

    Click in and LEARN MORE at plus access more music to support the War Child cause! You ROCK for LEARNING about it!






    Check out Coldplay in their newest 2021 hit video
    Higher Power,
    and join Coldplay and Rock for Learning and activate your empowerment to cultivate a better world together in support of great music and good causes! Support their environmental cause in partnership with

    Feel the Magic of COLDPLAY
    with their performance in support of Sport Relief to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world's poorest countries.


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    Teen Cancer Trust learn more and share support here. Join Paul Weller, Noel Gallagher/Oasis, Robert Plant, The Who, and friends in support of the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST.

    And enjoy music from one of Rock for Learning's faves:

    And in all your aspirations in life, love, and music, as Paul Weller says in this song, "AIM HIGH".

    See more videos from featured artists: INCUBUS and RADIOHEAD.




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