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It was an active effort of unity as many causes rallied together with events and marches in cities from the east coast to the west on 10-10-10 to stop the pollution of oil and coal companies from destroying our environment. Greenpeace and called it "The Global Work Party to Save the Climate", but there were many campaigns by many names and many causes, including Rock for Learning, the Sierra Club, CalPirg Students, NRDC-funded, Credo Action, and more in the Downtown LA 10-10-10 event organized by CicLAVia (bicycle action movement).

Hundreds of bicyclists joined together riding around downtown LA as marchers marched to LA City Hall and rallied to stop coal and oil pollution, especially to VOTE NO on Prop 23. A most important action to help SAVE THE CLIMATE is for California voters to VOTE NO ON PROP 23[learn more here] at this November 2nd General Election, Prop 23 is a "Dirty Proposition" that would suspend pollution control laws that regulate and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, and includes suspension of the programs that increase renewable energy and cleaner fuel requirements. California's Prop 23, funded by major oil companies motivated by financial profits, jeopardizes nearly 500,000 clean energy jobs and will result in increased air pollution and exacerbation of related health problems. Fighting Prop 23 is one of the most important environmental battles of the west coast and perhaps pivotal in the environmental efforts across the USA. Many organizations at the 10-10-10 event ask that we reduce our coal and oil consumption by reducing the need to use it, including transforming the generating power source of electric companies away from dirty coal into solar, wind or other clean energy sources, and also change our own transportation habits away from driving petroleum fueled cars and rather into commuting and bicycling.

Of course, I rode the metro and walked to the event, and wherever Rock for Learning is present there is always excellent music and good causes! 10-10-10 at Downtown LA's City Hall was brought to a crescendo by a surprise performance from the MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND of Portland, Oregon, one of the very green enviromentally conscious cities of the west coast, promoting "Bike Consciousness." Their electric bassist John Averill mentions "Many people in Portland ride their bikes around rather than drive." All the band members are very bike conscious, and he points out to their drums, "All of our drums are made with recycled bike parts." They encourage people to "Turn in your car for a bicycle;" and "bike more; drive less," says bass drummer Dan Stauffer, and percussionist Richard Cawley (who constructs the drums with recycled bike parts.) affirms, "Ride on."

The MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND are one of the finest rocking big bands that bring together the talents of uniquely decorated performance artists, stilt walkers, dancers, cyclists, and big band musicians with electric bass in a most original combination of style and sound reminiscent of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band meets Oingo Boingo and Glen Miller's big band Orchestra and with an occasional Latin-Samba twist. MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND are excited to be currently touring and performing in the "Tour de Fat" festivals sponsored by New Belgium in the action to raise bike awareness. At each event someone can trade in a car for a bicycle. Join the MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND Saturday, October 23rd, 3pm at the "Tour de Fat" afternoon FREE CONCERT & BICYCLING FESTIVAL (event 9am-4pm) at the Los Angeles Historical Park at Spring St. [Click in for more tour dates and cities]. John Averill mentions that M4 is a very caring and involved group and supports many other charitable/educational organizations, including: "MercyCorps, Amnesty International, City Repair Project, Oregon Bus Project, (and many more)".

Let US join together Rock for Learning style bicycling and marching forth with great music and support good causes. Let US NOT ALLOW big oil and dirty coal companies to destroy and sacrifice our environment for their financial profits. Let US take personal resposibility and action to vote, and contact government officials to stop the pollution, support green clean energy jobs, and band together with MARCH FOURTH MARCHING BAND to raise bike consciousness in the effort to save the climate.

Visit their official website
And have a listen at [HERE].

Some proceeds from Rise Up go to Sweet Home New Orleans,
a nonprofit organization that helps the damaged Crescent City�s music and
cultural institutions recover from hurricane Katrina.

Rock for Learning thanks Credo Action volunteer, Leigh Hill,
for inviting Rock for Learning to the 10-10-10 event
and leading the way with the golden banner at the march.

October 10, 2010
Written by Melanie Silos

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