Rock for Learning - Learning & empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes. Rock for Learning - Learning & empowerment to cultivate a better world together with great music and good causes.

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Rock for Learning Features Francis Dunnery

Get into the blues with Francis Dunnery's new record as TOMBSTONE DUNNERY, and join Francis Dunnery in support of the
Charlie & Karthleen Dunnery Children's Fund (CKDCF).

Featured Artist: Francis Dunnery.  In the beginning there was GENESIS! ...

FRANCIS DUNNERY: The Mentor & The MAN Tour

Written by Melanie Silos

In the beginning there was GENESIS! ...After 20 years of musicianship, Francis Dunnery continues his professional development. Formerly a student at the Julliard School-NY (circa '96), it's not uncommon to find Francis Dunnery backstage or even onstage reading and quoting the likes of Carl Jung, Rumi, & Jane Roberts. In one of my favorite chats with Dunnery, he reaffirms Roberts and says, "You get what you focus on." An avid astrologer, Dunnery studies much of Liz Green and is one who'll even tell the more published astrologers the way things are. He's a teacher of astrology and a virtuoso at musicianship - I'll even vouch for his Jimmy Page-like expertise! Formerly lead man of late 80s rock group, It Bites, Dunnery has created a successful solo career since 1993. He has played guitar and worked with such musical greats as Robert Plant (Fate of Nations '93), Wakeman & Howe, Genesis, Santana (Supernatural), Lauryn Hill (Miseducation of...), and most recently the Stone Roses' Ian Brown.

Of noteworthy mention is Dunnery's influence as a mentor of over 16 years to artist Dave McCraken. McCracken has shared his professional musicianship and programming talents with such artists as All Saints, Spice Girls, Seal, and Ian Brown. "He taught me everything I know." said McCracken at a Jellyfish concert at Camden's Garage. Francis Dunnery has once again joined forces with Dave McCracken on Ian Brown's newest solo record, as well as on recent tours and the new live record, Francis Dunnery & the Grass Virgins' "Hometown 2001" featuring Dunnery with Dave McCracken, Dorrie Jackson, and Matt Pegg.

A path of learning and self development begins with recognizing where to begin, the Genesis, (in French) the "Je ne sais" - the "I don't know." From what is not known is a good place to start building, and maybe even shout out a request for Francis Dunnery to do a Carpenters cover or two. How about "We've only just begun..." Francis Dunnery and the Grass Virgins will be continuing their tour throughout 2002 promoting the new albums "MAN" and "HOMETOWN 2001". Check out for more and hear his music on

Written by Melanie Silos
��2002 New Moon Publishing & Consulting/Melanie Silos

Francis Dunnery supports the West Cumberland Children's Hospital Fund, contact him on how you can help.Francis Dunnery supports the West Cumberland Charlie & Kathleen Dunnery Children's Hospital Fund See or for details.

I exist to be the eye that is blessed to see the love in all that is.  It's a beautiful wourld out there if you want to see it... - M. Silos
"Music is food for the soul!"
Melanie Silos, Songwriter

Major Influences: Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jim Morrison, Francis Dunnery, PJ Harvey
I found my voice singing to Robert Plant and PJ records - and Francis Dunnery helped me to "Get the Led out".


What a wonderful creation is the The one and only EAR INN, Pub and Music, Est 1817.  326 Spring St. NYC: A haven for artists, musicians, poets and writers, now with lingering ghosts and spirits and the most wonderful people!EAR that I could hear you.
You are the beauty of the sounds you hear.
The joy of music is transcendence.

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