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Rock for Learning - promoting great music and  good causes to cultivate a better world.  Now featuring artists: OASIS, COLDPLAY, LED ZEPPELIN, ROBERT PLANT, KEANE, HOT HOT HEAT, RYAN ADAMS, RADIOHEAD, INCUBUS, and more...

Rock for Learning celebrates 15 years of sharing great music and good causes!

Rock for Learning features: INCUBUS

Please join INCUBUS in support of their cause
"MAKE YOURSELF FOUNDATION" with which they support various non-profit organizations in the US and around the world.
LEARN more about it here from Incubus and the Make Yourself Foundation.
This year in 2012 they have given several grants. Here's a spotlight on the first of them:

AUGUST 2012 Incubus release "HQ LIVE" CD/DVD of live intimate performances from their West Hollywood HQ studio.
Please enjoy this beautiful video sample of "If Not Now When" at HQ Live from INCUBUS' most recent 2011 record
now available here on I-tunes - Get it "If Not Now, When".
And click in here to learn more about HQ LIVE from INCUBUS.

INCUBUS: Making a Difference in the World

INCUBUS. [Photo used by permission of Incubus' Management & Sony Music Ent.] Written by Melanie Silos

After a year of touring with great music from their top selling albums "A Crow Left of the Murder", "Morning View", "Make Yourself" and more, a wish is fulfilled: INCUBUS is in, there as promised, making a positive difference in the world for whatever tomorrow brings through their Make Yourself Foundation.

INCUBUS created the Make Yourself Foundation in 2004 to fund various charitable organizations locally and around the world that are important to them. INCUBUS raised almost a half-a-million dollars for their selected charities with the active support and participation of their fans, friends, enthusiasts and music lovers who all contributed through INCUBUS' products, events, and music related activities. In addition to donating $100,000 for the Tsunami relief effort, Incubus' Make Yourself Foundation will be making donations to the following organizations for 2005.

INCUBUS is thankful to be part if it all. I met with Megalomaniac singer Brandon Boyd on why it's so important to save the environment; Brandon declares, "Having a place to live and to be able to hand down something better than what we had. Environmentally most politicians don't make decisions based on what will be in 20-30 years from now." Brandon encourages that we each can make a difference through "Responsibility, self-sufficience, cleaning up after one's self, and to stay aware, just to name a few."

Brandon is thankful and so am I, and as I thank one I thank all - all who help us to make a difference and be able to help others. I am thankful for the people, as Brandon Boyd and members of Incubus, that care care to make a difference in the world, and care about the environment so we can give the next generation an even better world than we have. We need awesome caring people to be so active and involved in music, learning, and philanthropic development for the efforts of co-creating and sustaining a better world.

INCUBUS is working on future developments for the Make Yourself Foundation. Click in for the latest news and fundraising auction items - you might even be the best bid for Brandon Boyd's signed jersey #04 www.MakeYourselfFoundation.org.

February 8, 2005
Incubus photographs by used by permission of Sony Music Ent. & Incubus' Management, Ren Mgmt.

Known to many for their longtime commitment to the environment and social causes with their foundation, MakeYourselfFoundation.org, Incubus maintains their commitment on tour with their new CD, Light Grenades, by working with the Sustainable Minded Artists Recording and Touring (SMART) program to lessen their environmental impact by overhauling their entire touring operations to reduce CO2 emissions and waste, and are going with organic and recycled goods. Vocalist Brandon Boyd encourages Rock for Learning that we each can make a difference through "Responsibility, self-sufficiency, and to stay aware, just to name a few."
SEE DETAILS and join the effort at Myspace.com/Incubus and www.EnjoyIncubus.com

JULY 2010: New SOLO record from lead vocalist, BRANDON BOYD of Incubus
Environmentalists and founders of MakeYourselfFoundation.org! BRANDON BOYD made himself a new solo record, "THE WILD TRAPEZE" now available here on I-Tunes for $9.99.

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