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Self-Motivation with THE MUSIC

The Music** Vocalist Robert Harvey - right up front. Written by Melanie Silos

As The Doors' Jim Morrison sings, "When the musicís over turn out the lights..." here we have a refreshing new group worth experiencing. People, THE MUSIC is just getting started on the long road with self-created motivation. So I introduce to you a glimpse into THE MUSIC through the voice of vocalist, Robert Harvey.

I hear a gentle sound... Have you ever conversed with a musician whose spoken word sounds simply gorgeous, and his singing voice rocks... With singing vocals in which I hear wailing similarities of Janeís Addictionís Perry Farrell, vocalist Robert Harvey says, "Itís just a coincidence." THE MUSIC is all rock n' roll - especially with that most screaming wild unique guitar riff by guitarist, Adam Nutter, in "Float" that simply winds me up and makes me dance as it intends. What a contrast it is to hear Robert, one who likes to read spiritual philosophical subjects (and is quite the wild dancer himself), in his spoken word with a sound as soothing and mellow as one of those gemstone water fountains at a metaphysical bookstore.

"People my age are not as fortunate to do something to express yourself. They often work in something they donít like just to pay rent." As for encouragement and direction, "When I was in school, teachers wanted me to go to the university and forget about the band." Robert chose the path of THE MUSIC, and today they are signed with Capitol Records on tour opening for such groups as The Vines and Coldplay with a new CD and video for "Take the Long Road and Walk It" climbing the charts. "Doing what Iím doing, people think the lifestyle is unbelievable because I can travel and do anything I want. Iím learning a lot - Itís not what I imagined. We leave home to get away... Truth is I need to surround myself with people I know. Things happen that remind me of home, certain smells and things. My self-realization - [The Truth Is No Words] - Getting homesick."

As for what influences Robertís songwriting, "What I go through as a person. A lot of songs on my first record are about a girl - Itís easy to write about what you know."

An admirer of The Doors, Robert Harvey will understand as this New York "LA Woman" - (moi) - quotes Jim Morrison, "The Music is your special friend... until the end." THE MUSIC is one of those groups taking that long and winding road from England. So for all who are walking that long road, Robert says, "Motivate yourself - itís the hardest thing to do for young people today." And he suggests just when you think a road seems Too High to Climb, "Climb it."

THE MUSIC: Robert Harvey (vocals), Adam Nutter (guitars), Phil Jordan (Drums), Stuart Coleman (Bass)

THE MUSIC:  Adam Nutter (guitars), Phil Jordan (Drums), Stuart Coleman (Bass,)Robert Harvey (vocals), - official website, click here.

  • The Dance
  • Take the Long Road and Walk It
  • Human
  • The Truth Is No Words
  • Float
  • Turn Out the Light
  • The People
  • Getaway
  • Disco
  • Too High

For THE MUSIC official website and tour information, click here.

April 17, 2003
© 2003 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
The Music photographs posted/printed by permission of EMI/Capitol Records.

Copyright 2003 New Moon Publishing & Consulting All rights reserved.

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