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THE ZUTONS: Making It Fun

THE ZUTONS [photo use by permission of Sony Music Ent.] Written by Melanie Silos

The Universe is filled with surprises, and what a surprise to discover the heart of joy in a new band from the U.K. Sometimes what's best for the mind, body, heart and soul is simply just enjoying great great music, and that's what The Zutons are all about.

Out in the historical Los Angeles Troubador at Santa Monica & Doheney, The Zutons bring out the fun! The Zutons rock where 30s zoot suit music and quintet harmonies meet with 70's classic rock n' roll and a new millenium kicker. Female saxophonist, Abi Harding, goes wild on the sax - dancing around like the Black Crowes Chris Robinson with long brown hair flailing around and swinging the sax as if it were a guitar in the hands of Jimmy Page. Guitarist, Boyan Chowdhury, shares their influences of 30's in his own words: "Golden Gate Quintet, The Inkspots and jazz of Buddy Rich with a blend of classic Creedence Clearwater Revival" and a Zep style of Rock, I'll add. Listen to the intricate details of guitar riffs and melodies, and you'll hear Boyan Chowdhury is a guitarist of superb talent. And if you've never heard of these bands before, here's the encouragement to learn.

With a powerful Liverpool-British charm and charismatic character, bassist, Russell Pritchard, puts in an equally powerful bass energy and harmonizing vocals, while drummer, Sean Payne, pounds on the drums in that classic 1930s zoot suit rhythm and beat. Singer/guitarist Dave McCabe brings it all together in the uniquely Zuton style.

The Zutons, full of harmony and jumping energy, are at their best with their songs "Dirty Dance Hall" and "Zuton Fever". With their current hit "Pressure Point", The Zutons declare, "I'm willing to learn!" and they know how to make it FUN! On tour in the UK this March, The Zutons are rockin' good fun! Funnest band around with energizing good spirits for the mind, body, heart and soul. Check 'em out! ON TOUR WITH KEANE IN THE US JAN-FEB 2005 & with REM this SUMMER 2005![Click in for more at www.TheZutons.co.uk.]

for their support and welcome at the El Rey with The Thrills.

February 15, 2005
© 2005 Melanie Silos/New Moon Publishing & Consulting
The Zutons photograph used by permission of Sony Music Ent.

For the THE ZUTONS official website and tour information, click here.

Copyright 2005 New Moon Publishing & Consulting All rights reserved.

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