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ACTIVISM with Fundamental Values

Written by Melanie Silos (Songwriter/Editor, Rock for Learning)

Given the conditions in the world, and the choices of action we have in our daily experiences, it is essential to acknowledge and learn about what is happening around us in our home, community, and to humanity in the world, and consider the effects of our own actions. Let it be within our self-defined fundamental values to choose to take action for relief where most needed, support viable solutions, and keep on enjoying life and music; this is the essence of activism.

Pete Yorn (photo by permission of NLM 2006.)The first step towards action is to acknowledge the situation. Musician/humanitarian, Pete Yorn, acknowledges current conditions with his song "American Blues Vol. I" confronting the reality of troubles in America from the declining economy and quality of education to increasing unemployment, pessimism, and depression.

With regard to the state of the nation and world conditions, it is important to realize effects of action, that each of our individual choices and actions have affect to the greater existence of all to the extent that our actions collectively lead to recognizable impacting effects. We are interconnected and systematically interdependent, one part moves and it affects the movement of the whole, and like a steering wheel to a vehicle the slightest bit of turning changes the direction of the entire vehicle and everything in it. Johnny Marr (photo by permission of First Third.) In the same way, we can make conscious consideration of our own actions and the effects that may result in the short term and long term. Consider what is our individual role in the greater spectrum of what is occurring in the world. Awareness of our influence and acknowledgment of conditions are key.

Given this awareness, who are we to be the ones to do anything about it? One might think it would take a superhero to make a difference. The Smith's guitarist/Healers frontman, Johnny Marr reminds Rock for Learning with a song from Sly & the Family Stone "Everybody is a star;" and from his own lyrics declares, "You are the magic." It's a reminder that no matter who we are or whatever we are, we each are empowered to do and fulfill our human will. It is with this empowerment that we can take action and make the commitment to important matters. (See Commitment feature article.) And even if our own will is to give it up to faith and beliefs in a higher power as God, whatever our faith or belief, it is still upon our human will to make that prayer or meditate on matters.

The question arises, what can we do to make a difference? Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cardinology (photo by permission of NLM.)As Pete Yorn's "American Blues" recognizes we're broke, then we can learn and act upon the title words of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals' song from Cardinology: "FIX IT." And where shall we begin? Ian Brown (photo by permission)At the House of Blues where all faiths co-exist under one roof with the motto "All is one," family-man/Stone Roses frontman, Ian Brown urges Rock for Learning readers, "Keep on getting educated and learn love for humanity."

The ability to make a difference begins with getting educated, learning, and having the skills, knowledge, and abilities to enact solutions; learning about conditions and important matters in the community and world will provide the factors from which we may discern our focus, aims, direction and course of action. Fundamental values such as love for humanity, preservation of the environment, and willingness to learn and fix it when broke, are the driving force of care that will motivate action for support and providing solutions.

We must ask ourselves: What are our values, and what is important to us? Nothing matters until you define what is important to you and what you value. As you create value, you will overcome non-committal attitudes, and rather generate dedication and commitment within yourself, and thus, create the meaningfulness of action. If the question appears "Does everything need to be meaningful?" The answer just may be it "Already is." (See Robert Plant on Commitment to Important Matters.)

Incubus (photo permission from WBR) Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd shares encouragement with Rock for Learning on why environmental activism is important: "...Having a place to live and to be able to hand down something better than what we had. Environmentally, most politicians don't make decisions based on what will be in 20-30 years from now." Brandon encourages that we can each make a difference through "Responsibility, self-sufficience, cleaning up after one's self, and to stay aware, just to name a few." And I add that even if we like our own pile of mess, it's important to be self-aware and know when to take responsibility to clean it up.

radiohead (photo by K. Westerberg permission of NLM.)radiohead endorsement to Rock for Learning.Berlin's Terri Nunn with Swan Soul's Melanie SilosFor the environment Radiohead encourages commuting and alternative transportation, and Berlin's Terri Nunn reminds us of the great alternative: "Riding on the Metro." And as for helping humanity there are many causes and organizations that Rock for Learning featured artists support, and we encourage your support as well. (See Rock for Learning Activism)

Even as we acknowledge the challenges we each face to confront in life, and activate our empowerment to do something about it, we always have great music to enjoy and appreciate. As a singer/songwriter, my favorite Led Zeppelin song is "Thank You" especially Robert Plant's solo live versions. Songwriter Melanie Silos I affirm, "Appreciation is key to fulfillment. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what we are doing that we need to be reminded why we began. An awareness of appreciation and enjoyment enhances fulfillment of an experience. As we learn and grow from challenging experiences, we have the beautiful opportunity to practice all we have learned in each new experience. And with each moment we can share the appreciation of love. This great music from Rock for Learning featured artists is something I greatly love and appreciate."

Pete Yorn (photo by permission of NLM 2006.)Pete Yorn, who acknowledges and supports various causes for At-Risk/Disadvantaged Youths, Children, Family/Parent Support, Hunger, Mental Challenges, and Poverty, reminds Rock for Learning of a Bobby McFarrin song to always keep in mind, "Don't Worry Be Happy..." and adds, "when you have trouble, if you worry you make it double."

So let's acknowledge that our choice of actions make a difference,
recognize conditions,
activate our empowerment with fundamental values, and
provide support, solutions and relief for important matters, "American Blues", the environment, and humanity;
and let's not worry but rather share a sense of relief, and enjoy and appreciate this great music together!

xo Melanie
Rock for Learning!
Melanie Silos

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Radiohead photo/art by K. Westerberg.

* Thank you to former Pink Mochi drummer, Tim Brown (may you rest in peace), for redirecting me and encouraging me to stay for the Beck concert at Hollywood Bowl; it was an essential route for the creation of this feature article. Lots of love and cheers!


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