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with Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page

Please join Rock for Learning in cultivating a better world with Led Zeppelin members, JIMMY PAGE and ROBERT PLANT in support of some of their specially selected important causes. Learn more and participate here:

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LED ZEPPELIN: Cultivating a Better World Through Music, Love, and Spiritual Enlightenment
Written by Melanie Silos (Songwriter/Editor, Rock for Learning)

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.  Photo by Frank Melfi - use by permission of Frank Melfi The first step towards cultivating a better world is that of raising awareness of the matter so that attention may be given to creating and activating solutions for it. Led Zeppelin is cultivating a better world through music, love, and spiritual enlightenment wherein we each may discern and find the "Stairway to Heaven" and be encouraged through the history of their diverse classic rock with the occasional spiritual references.

In world history at the time of the United States Revolution in the battle against oppressive government and fight for religious freedom, Paul Revere raised the lights in the tower and rode through Boston, Massachusetts alerting the townspeople that “The British are coming!” So, today I raise a light onto Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page’s 2012 record, “Lucifer Rising” as a calling to bring enlightenment for a spiritual revolution to rather make way for the right path.

Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant.  Photo by Frank Melfi - use by permission of Frank Melfi Some important matters we must face in the world is that people are losing their faith in God in this generation more than any other time in history, battling over beliefs in God while terrorism and retaliation build conflict, and greed and evil are consuming the corporate world economy, and closing hearts to compassion. Led Zeppelin singer, Robert Plant declared in his song Great Spirit (1993-Fate of Nations), “There’s evil; there’s evil going on,” and he calls to the heavens, “Great Spirit come.” And thus, with acknowledgement to the Fate of Nations which lies the hands and hearts of people today, heightened is the need to be aware of the important matters that challenge the peace, love, and compassion within each individual, and to bring on the spiritual revolution with peace that will cultivate a better world.

Page and Plant will always remind us who guards the truth “Oh Lord, Most High” (1998-Walking into Clarksdale). The individual seeker must have the will to seek and discover it. On the truth about “Lucifer Rising” spiritually and religiously, as the title of Jimmy Page’s record and main guitar soundtrack on the album, it is merely that, a title. And as Jimmy Page remains a mystery on spiritual matters, awareness of “Lucifer Rising” is left for the beholder to discern it’s relevance and meaning. With the responsibility of human will in the discernment of action as we make efforts to change the world, we must ask: Are we changing for the better or making it worse? And we must adjust our own moral compass to discern our own beliefs and actions. As by the classic words in Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven (1971- Led Zeppelin IV), we may realize, yes, there are two paths we could go by... and by all means we could all hope to take the RIGHT path and further have guidance to find our way through the Led Zeppelin song In the Light (1975-Physical Graffiti) “In the light you will find the road.”

Sharing what's meaningful and spiritually important to Robert Plant, who writes such enlightened lyrics (as a traveler of time and space), he signs for us his authentic spiritual declaration, "LOVE & PEACE."

As the forefathers of the United States signed their declaration in 1776, through the achievements of the U.S. Revolution, we now have religious and expressive freedom in America, but there is still a world where freedoms continue to be challenged. In a spiritual revolution it is the time to seek and share enlightenment by which we may discern of the two paths to go by. On which road will we be in love and peace as one and not to roll?

Although there will always be religious and spiritual conflicts, there will always be one undeniable and unarguable truth that there is only one true good, the source of PEACE and LOVE, and everything created that is good comes only from the source of love. Love by any name, term, or language has a universal understanding. Let us recognize a "Whole Lotta Love," and that any acts of goodness or compassion come from a heart and source of love, including the creation and celebration of beautiful music and the support of philanthropic causes. For the spiritually enlightened believers, this source of love is light, and the light is but by the grace of God, and this light is God, the Spirit of Love in the unity of oneness with all in the name of Jesus, Lord, Most High, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, etc. known by many names in the world. Let us join together on this right path of peace and love in the light by our own discernment and free will as we are forever given the choice.

As one discerns with spiritual enlightenment a path with faith, peace and love, we may look to the Father in Heaven and be grateful for creation, including Led Zeppelin's late drummer, John Bonham, without whom the music of Led Zeppelin would not have been as it was, and for his son, drummer Jason Bonham, for carrying on in faith and love, helping to bring together the Celebration Day of Led Zeppelin in re-union with its original members, bassist John Paul Jones, guitarist Jimmy Page, and vocalist Robert Plant.

Seek and you will find the truth and faith of peace and love. And to the seeker, one may discover some very unique, trippy, ambient guitar soundtracks from Jimmy Page in his record "Lucifer Rising", a history of beautiful music from the past with Led Zeppelin, homage to the late John Bonham with Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience, and also a realm of union with spiritual enlightenment to be found if sought out of the darkness into the light to cultivate a better world and future. When the seeker finds the right way, surely it will be a "Celebration Day" with Led Zeppelin's reunion DVD. As Led Zeppelin reminds us with In the Light: “Just believe and you can’t go wrong.” Let me take you there. ;-)

Led Zeppelin Celebration Day DVD

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